16 July 2013

Has it really been 1 month since I last updated my blog?

Saturday was gravel and dirt day on the bike. Candi and I rode Kal-Haven trail. The trail is always fun. Yet it has changed much over the last 10 years. Here's the activity file link via Garmin Connect. We rode from the South Haven trailhead half-way in to the town of Bloomingdale and back. In the past, Bloomingdale had a nice deli and ice cream store complete with picnic tables and a shaded deck. It has since closed. The only options available now are what appears to be the single grocery store and a gas station. The grocery store does have a deli so you can grab a sandwich and replenish fluids.
A little history lesson ... Wow 100 years of railroad!
Oil derrick
My Vaya adventure bike
For Steffi ... remember the pedal incident?
We plan a repeat soon. This time we will ride from South Haven to Kalamazoo and back in one day. That's 78 miles (125 km). I've done it before. Actually Kalamazoo has a trail that links off the Kal-Haven for another 13 miles or so. It is paved however. I like trails. Sometimes it is really nice to ride without cars and trucks.

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  1. Yes off course, I remember! Not the best memory but we managed it somehow and still I like the trail.